Courses Available

One-to-One Teaching:

Below are examples of things I have taught one-to-one.  Indented course titles indicate that they must follow on after the course above.  One-to-one teaching costs £30 per session except where indicated (€35 / USD$40 / CDN$50), but can be discounted depending upon your circumstances.  If there is something else you would like me to teach please feel free to ask – I’ve got plenty more up my sleeve!

  • Classical Greek
  • Classical Greek GCSE tutoring (£45)
  • Classical Greek with Plato
  • New Testament Greek
    • Translating Mark’s Gospel
    • Reading Galatians for Theology
  • Greek and Latin for Science
  • Latin (Classical, Medieval or Ecclesiastical)
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Philosophy (£40)

Group Lessons:

More Details:

Whether you are here merely out of interest, or because you need to learn a language for professional reasons, or because you are already studying and just need a hand with the relentless grammatical jargon, you have come to the right place!  I can teach or tutor to help you through another course, online or in person.  In addition to the subjects mentioned above, if there is a specific text or dialect you would like help with, just let me know – I’m always excited to develop a new text or work on a new project.

My teaching style is very open and adaptable – the benefit of one-to-one learning.  Many people shy away from learning ancient languages because they imagine it to be impossible, or because they’ve had a bad experience with a teacher who simply recited grammar at them without worrying about different people’s learning styles.  This sort of bad education is unfortunately rife in university settings, where lecturers are often more focused on their own research than on teaching and communicating clearly.  In my case, I enjoy teaching, I enjoy the subject and I will do everything I can to help you learn – no matter what level you’re at, or how much time it takes.  Remember, you’re paying me to teach you, and it’s in my best interests to make sure you stay interested, and keep you learning useful things and knowing that you’re really progressing.

Consequently, I always teach as slowly as necessary, maintaining a willingness to repeat things and find new ways of communicating difficult concepts.  I use handouts and memory aids that I design, and I always pay attention to how much you are learning, pausing frequently to ask whether you understand, or whether I should repeat what I’ve just said in a different way.  Having been through the learning process myself, I know how frustrating it can be when the teacher spouts a list of grammatical words that you vaguely recall hearing before, but they just don’t match up and mean something as easily as you want them to.  Learning ancient languages is a very specific and often very challenging thing, so I do what I can to make it as painless as possible.

I aim for lessons to be sixty minutes long, but I always make sure to leave seventy-five minutes free in case more time is needed.  It usually takes thirty to forty-five minutes to go through the lesson, and then I allow time to remain online to help you go through some exercises.  This highlights any difficulties you might be having, so that I can help you to feel more confident when approaching the rest of the exercises independently.  While you will learn fastest if you make time for your language every day, even if you don’t do your homework there’s no punishment other than the natural implications of a slower learning process!

We can either arrange a regular time each week to Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp/FaceTime, or, more commonly, arrange each lesson at the end of the previous one.  We could also use any other online video-chat service, or, if you live in London, England, meet in person.  Other possibilities in London include teaching groups of people, such as if a church or a school would like me to come in and do a few sessions, or to host my Overview of New Testament Greek short course.  I have taught Greek in several churches now, and even gone through six semesters of Greek with a church in North London, where my class has now turned into a reading group, and have completed a translation of Mark’s Gospel.

I could also be helpful as a tutor if you are enrolled in a course and need some extra help – I know the GCSE Greek course very well, and have taught using the JACT text as well.  If you have any questions about this please ask.  As you have read, I can be quite flexible with nearly all aspects of my teaching.

If you have any more questions I look forward to hearing from you at


Cancellation policy: Although I would like not to need a cancellation policy, since this is how I make my living it can be necessary.  My general rule is that if a cancellation is made less than twenty-four hours ahead of the planned lesson, I would like to receive a fee of 60% of the lesson cost; but if it is convenient for both of us to re-book the lesson for later that week, no fee is required.

Whether teaching one-to-one or in groups, I am LGBTQ+ inclusive in terms of how I conduct myself and my personal views.

Photo by Dogancan Ozturan on Unsplash