About Me

PaddingtonI have been teaching New Testament Greek since I was nineteen, to a range of people from children to clergy to doctoral students to the elderly.  This began after my first year of university, teaching a group of homeschool children and their parents.  Since then I have taught Greek at Mattersey Hall Bible College (at the time accredited by the University of Wales), Oasis College Waterloo (accredited by Staffordshire University), and now at St. Augustine’s College (Durham University) and Classical Greek at London City Lit.  I have also taught individuals and larger classes privately in various settings, including a semester of Greek in a high school in Canada.

I hold a first class BA (Hons.) in Biblical Studies and Theology from the University of Wales, an MA in Biblical Studies from Durham University, and a PhD in Philosophy from Staffordshire University, with a thesis blending Biblical Studies, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy.  I live in London, England – though, thanks to the internet, this does not reduce my ability to take on students overseas!

As of January 2023 I am a part-time lecturer at the institutions mentioned above, as well as at Staffordshire University where I teach philosophy.  I am the vice-chair of the board of directors at the Metropolitan Community Church of North London, a church of which I have been a part since 2011.